Apr 16, 2014

The Art Of Jungah Lee - South Korean Scifi

Jungah Lee's work took me back to the early days of anime, when the style of choice was all about hyper realism, cyberpunk and gritty scifi. The image above, simply titled 'return to the base' just evoked a lot of memories, especially that of reading Hiroki Endo's underrated Eden, which is still one of my favorite all time 'hard' scifi mangas alongside Mamoru Oshii's Ghost In The Shell.

Lee's work is highly experimental, and also typically presented in an unfinished state which made it really stand out during our daily art search. While some of his refined pieces show a masterful understanding of rendering and a painterly aesthetic, it's the looser work that was the most fun to look through. Using all the tools at his disposal, including Zbrushing, heavy smudging and some truly poppy color palettes, it's cool to see him experiment with new techniques on a piece by piece basis.

If anything his work just leaves me wanting more. There's a nice scifi/anime glaze to all his pieces that's slightly retro feeling, but also refreshing considering the recent hyper realistic military trends we've been witnessing in the concept art scene lately. Check out more of his awesome work after the break.

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