Apr 11, 2014

Million Dollar Extreme Returns With "Stuff"

The folks at Million Dollar Extreme have been quiet, but just recently appeared again with a new faux film trailer simply called Stuff. While it starts off pretty slow with Sam Hyde simply talking nonsense about different types of weed, we quickly transition into some absolutely insane territory. A whirlwind of madness unfolds: Buxom babes, switchblades, slow motion, spraying blood, gnarly romance, domination, ultra violence and everything in between set to Parachute Ending by French electro outfit Birdy Nam Nam.

The entire thing feels like something that Harmony Korine and the collective creative force of the 80's would put out, and at the end of it I was kind of left wishing it was something real. That's the power of Million Dollar Extreme, they always leave you wanting more. I really hope these guys someday get the chance to direct something more long form, their carefree attitude to everything they make is refreshing in the Youtube landscape of overproduced, overly thought out garbage.

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