Apr 11, 2014

Bruce Timm Returns With "Batman: Strange Days"

Created to commemorate Batman's 75th anniversary, Bruce Timm produced a brand new, highly atmospheric short featuring the Dark Knight tracking a strange, Solomon Grundy-esque creature back to the lair of Dr. Hugo Strange. Touted as a 'lost tale,' the short seems to imply that this was one of Batman's early exploits, especially noticeable with the low tech feel and retro garb based off of the 1939 debut of the character. 

Featuring the same iconic style that made Batman - The Animated Series one of the most memorable cartoon adaptations of the dark crusader, it's an awesome romp into the past. On a side note, I did kind of laughed when Batman didn't even blink when firing teargas directly at the hostage. Bruce Timm also offered a really cool inside look at the development of this short, so check out the interview after the break.

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