Apr 15, 2014

"Each Other" - A Korean Animated Short Film

Directed by Korean animator Lee Kyu-Tae (Aka Kokooma), Each Other is a very abstract animated short following a rather sullen man who finds himself cast into oblivion. The short is left very open for interpretation and I'm sure everyone will get something  different out of it, but it's quite successful from a visual standpoint.

To offer my own personal take, I saw Each Other as a tale of a man dealing with his loneliness. The large shadow creature that inhabits his home is a visual representation of that force, as well as it's constant attempts to grab him and keep him from leaving. Upon giving up all hope he's ultimately captured by a predatory bird, and rejects the attempts to be saved by his loneliness. Accepting his fate, he is eaten alive but ultimately resurrects following a spiritual journey. Returning as a new man to his original home, he realizes that this embodiment of loneliness still awaits him and ultimately decides to head off on a new path rather than embrace his past.

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