Apr 1, 2014

Animating "Ernest & Celestine" - An Unlikely Friendship

This is an awesome little behind the scenes look into the very unique style of Ernest & Celestine, a critically nominated feature movie from France narrating the unlikely relationship between a bear and a little mouse (I never knew they were foes). What struck me about the feature was it's distinct look, which uses a very loose line quality and hand painted watercolor backgrounds.

Based off of long form childrends book series by Belgian artist Gabriel Vincent, it looks like the animation team managed to faithfully recreate the look of the books with this series. Benjamin Renner really made some great points about choosing to go with analog on certain aspects (Like the watercolor backgrounds) to force accidents to happen and make it more true to the medium it was originally created in. The problem is computers is that when we make an accident, we tend to correct.

Following the slow burn acclaim that the movie garnered since it's release in 2012, the movie will be getting a US release this year. Looking forward to checking out, it looks like it'll be quite a cute feature and hit on some relevant points about societal barriers.

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