Apr 8, 2014

A Look At The Original Predator Costume With Stan Winston Studios

For all you VFX and behind the scenes aficionados out there, this was just too good not to share. Presented by Stan Winston studios, we're given a glance at an early version of the Predator that would have featured Jean Claude Van Damne as the bounty hunter alien in the movie. Upon realizing though that he would simply be a guy running around in a rubber suit, he realized that this gig was not what he expected and left the production.

Compounded by some serious doubts about the original design (Which looked pretty damn goofy), his departure ultimately prompted a complete redesign that gave us the iconic Predator that's come to be loved in modern pop culture. VFX innovator Steve Johnson (Ghostbusters, Species, Blade 2) shares his inside story on what went wrong with the original design. I can't even imagine how the movie would have turned out had they stuck with the original pitch.

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