Mar 18, 2014

The Tiny Worlds Trilogy

Rushes is an award winning international VFX Company based in the heart of Soho, London. As part of a fun mini project to show off their chops in compositing, 3D and 2D animation, Rush used public sidewalks as their stage to bring their tiny worlds to life. We witness a tiny submarine emerging from a dirty puddle to take care of some business, a miniature logging truck and a bulldozer doing their part to clean up a little corner. It's a cute little project that will ultimately serve the purpose of attracting clients to Rush.

The CG team at Rushes has brought to life the everyday urban world around our feet. The Tiny Worlds trilogy of short films shows a humorous take on what might happen to the litter and rubbish on London's streets when we're not looking.

As a way to flex the Rushes CG team's creative muscles we decided to embark on an idea for a project suggested by the team themselves. We started with an initial concept, designed the vehicles, shot the plates, and went through the CG production process, before finishing it off by collaborating with Mcasso for sound design.

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