Mar 30, 2014

The Art Of Wavesheep

Wavesheep's work reminds me a lot of the curious hybrid style that Russian artist Phobs, incorporating Eurasian and Mongol influences to create some truly exotic, gorgeous illustrations. Hailing from China, the 20 year old illustrator seems to have drawn influence from her level of stylization and incorporated it with her own cultural influences resulting in a very cool hybrid style. Elongated figures, flowy lines and traditional Chinese folk art come together in her work in her vertical compositions.

At such a young age Wavesheep shows off an incredible amount of skill as an illustrator, and it's nearly hard to imagine where she'll be at with a few more years of practice. She's currently pursuing a career in the local film and animation industry, and touts that her favorite movie of all time is Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox. Check out more of her work after the break!

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