Mar 24, 2014

The Art of Halil Ural

As soon as I saw Halil Ural's portfolio, I knew I had to post him on Awesome Robo. Gorgeous color compositions, a brilliant pulp sci-fi aesthetic, and epic alien worlds both bizarre and beautiful. It's genuinely hard to look through his work and have to choose which pieces to spotlight, this guy is sick.

Halil is a professional illustrator based out of Turkey. Besides just being all around awesome, he also created the impressive cover and promotional art for the action platform-shooter Gunlord. Check after the break for more of his artwork!

"Beneath The Vortex"
"Just Walking By"
"Fancy Sword"
"Dragon Breed"
"Nomad's Lament"
Promo art for Gunlord 3DS
"Prophecy of Tides"
"The Glowing One"
"UFO Crash Site"

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