Mar 26, 2014

The Animations Of Mitsuyuki Ishibashi - A Look At Japan's Elusive Indie Animation Scene

Animation wise, Japan has one of the most prolific global scenes out there, with anime and feature length animation being a steady staple (And export) of the local diet. However, from an indie animation standpoint it's always been a rather introverted affair compared to other scenes like Paris (With their glut of amazing student animation work) and the US.

Over time I've come to the realization that this might have to do with the fact that most outside countries utilize their own regional equivalents of Youtube and Vimeo, such as China's Youku or Japan's NicoNico Douga. Every once in a while though we get some gems posted on local websites, and we're always quite pleased to run into it (Check out our features on Tannojoko). Mitsuyuki Ishibashi is just one of these indie animators, and I absolutely love his stylish sequences, created for the likes of online shows, animated series pitches and beyond. Check out more of his slick work after the break.

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