Mar 25, 2014

Moxie 2107 - Evolving Concept Art Presentation

23 year old student and concept artist Benjamin Bach sent us this really awesome 'study' of a concept series he created for a story regarding a futuristic city called Moxie. Plagued by it's struggle to keep afloat in a world changed by pollution, we are offered a glimpse of the everyday life, and unique architecture of this strange city. What really struck me about Benjamin's take on this concept series was the addition of some subtle Aftereffects crafted movement and music, which really elevated the presentation and enhanced the atmosphere he was trying to showcase. If I was an employer, this extra work would absolutely sell me on the fact that he's a candidate willing to go the extra mile. This was created at Denmark's Animation Workshop, who recently brought us animated shorts including Out of Bounds and Unimagined Friends.

A fictional story set in the future, year 2107, where climate changes, flood and polution have changed the world - mostly 3rd world countries like Malaysia, Philippines and Bangladesh. We're the observer of this changed world through the city of Moxie – a sinking city, that keeps rebuilding itself upwards to survive. It's the story of a perserverant and adaptive society that despite the challenges, have an incredible determination to survive.

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