Mar 12, 2014

Illucia Playable Networks - A New Audiovisual Experiment

The Illucia playable network sounds kind of awesome, serving as a network between different mediums to create an all new audio/visual experience. Combining videos, pictures, videogames, music and more using a rather tinker-y analog interfacing system, this looks like it could be a blast to mess with. You can currently get one of the hand built units for a few hundred bucks over at the Illucia store. The entire software that Illucia runs on is open source as well, which leaves room for improvement.

Illucia is a patchbay controller by Chris Novello. It lets you use physical cables to connect things like videogames, music software, text editors, synthesizers, and more. It has a free suite of interconnectable games and software, plus it speaks OSC so it works with many existing programs.

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