Mar 15, 2014

DJ Snake & Lil Jon - "Turn Down for What" (Mind Blowing)

Possessed by an ungodly demonic entity in his hips, the protagonist for DJ Snake & Lil Jon's latest trap track is so goddamn ridiculous it made me laugh out loud. Starting off on a roof, he proceeds to spread his affliction across multiple floors, turning the residents of an apartment block into a completely out of control series of raving lunatics with their own unique uh, 'traits.'

Pelvic blasts blow women's clothing off their bodies, big bootied ladies body slam men's faces into absolute submission, cops faces melt off a la Raiders of the Lost Ark and breasts take on a mind of their own. Directed by the Daniels, who've created some of Tenacious D's similarly absurd music videos, it's an unexpectedly epic video treatment to one of this year's biggest club hits.

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