Feb 24, 2014

Pacific Rim LEGOs Need To Happen Immediately

Hot damn. It's been a minute since we've gotten a chance to post something Pacific Rim related, but luckily Japanese LEGO modeler MOKO has brought this to the table. After creating the 3-foot EVA 01 masterpiece last year, MOKO has been on a roll with other projects including the four main Jaegers from Pacific Rim. Mark 4, Mark 3, Mark 5, and Mark 1 have all been modeled in their full mecha-glory and it's pretty damn impressive.

Each of the four Jaegers are completely poseable, adding a second layer to their already awesome awesomeness. Mark 3 even includes it's freighter ship from the film, adding to the cool factor. After the jump you can check out each of the Jaegers in their full glory and wish that LEGO would back a future project as cool as this (not that Back to the Future and The Simpsons aren't already radical).

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