Feb 8, 2014

How They Created The Lego® Movie

Lego Movie was a pretty damn neat movie. Aside from being an incredibly meta idea to begin with considering the idea of all the different Lego franchises inhabiting the same universe, the movie added an additional layer of meta not seen in the trailers that surprised us in the best way possible. Overall it was an excellent, fun movie with a fantastic message to offer regarding sharing your creativity with others and not being afraid to think outside the box to create something new. A surprisingly deep message from a movie about bright colored bricks (Which I can't get enough of).

This little making of reel touches on some of the making of aspects, as well as a 15 minute b-roll reel featuring various moments from the production of the film after the break! Whether you've ever had Lego in your life or not, I can't recommend it enough.

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