Jan 14, 2014

The Art Of Stephane Fert

Stephane Fert is an up and coming French illustrator with a truly fresh, striking style dictated by limited color palettes, highly stylized anatomy and a wonderful sense of flow. It's a little hard to put my finger on where Stephane drew his inspiration from to come up with his style, but after racking my brain over it for a while I found traces of Juarez Machado's signature stylization and limited color palettes, a dash of Gustav Klimt (Especially in the patterning used in some of the pieces) and Disney feature animation.

Despite the fact that his pieces look relatively simple on first glance, on closer inspection Stephane's works are actually a great example of doing more with less. Bold, harmonious shapes, fantastic flow and some truly creative compositions showcase a truly confident artist with a very strong style. More of Stephane's amazingly stylized work after the break!

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