Jan 3, 2014

The Art of Eliott Lilly

Elliott Lilly's concept work has always existed on the periphery of my attention. It was only until recently that I happened upon his portfolio site again, and I think his work definitely warrants a much deserved spotlight.

I'm a sucker for armored tactical units comprised of sword-wielding cyborgs, dilapidated warehouses-turned-shatter-blasted battlefields and lovingly crafted concept guns. Lilly just so happens to have all of those in bulk. I especially love his aesthetic approach to mech design; I'm sensing some serious kindred appreciation for the likes of Masamune Shirow and Yoji Shinikawa.

A professional concept artist working in the field since 2006, Lilly's breakthrough opportunity came through his role as an environmental concept and weapon designer on the commercially-successful though conceptually-lackluster F.E.A.R. 3. Since then, Lilly has gone on to work on Id Software's RAGE and the perpetually announced/unannounced DOOM 4. Here's hoping we continue to see more of Lilly's impressive work in the future. Check out more after the break!

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