Jan 25, 2014

Prime Focus World Presents - 3 Years Of VFX Breakdowns

Hot damn! Looks like the folks at Prime Focus World finally got around to updating their website with a few reels, and by that I mean a few years worth of work. Over the last few days they've uploaded personalized reels and VFX breakdowns showcasing work from feature films spanning 2012-2014. Showreels show off the final product and individual shots that the company helped bring to life, while the breakdowns show of all the steps taken to get to the final product (Modeling, compositing, particle systems, etc).

If you're as into behind the scenes stuff as I am, you can consider this Christmas come early with the sheer amount of eye candy and processes displayed. After the break check out a major dump of VFX breakdowns and showreels for features including Judge Dredd,, The Great Gatsby,  Total Recall, White House Down, Men In Black 3 and World War Z.

Judge Dredd - VFX Breakdown

The Great Gatsby - Showreel

The Great Gatsby - VFX Breakdown

Total Recall - Showreel

Total Recall - VFX Breakdown

White House Down - Showreel

White House Down - VFX Breakdown

Men in Black 3 - Showreel

Men in Black 3 - VFX Breakdown

World War Z - Showreel

World War Z - VFX Breakdown

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