Jan 25, 2014

Fishing Without Nets

There's two ways to fish in Somalia. With nets or without nets. This troubling statement sets the stage for this sobering short film about Somali piracy by Cutter Hodierne, offering us an inside look at what leads these men to hijack cargo ships sailing off the horn of Africa. In a country considered to be a failed stated and forgotten by the rest of the world we are shown one man's struggle as he tries to make a living as a fisherman and sustain his family.

When he finds himself with his back to the wall due to the waters not bearing fruit, he unfortunately finds himself participating in something he would have never imagined. Offering some truly epic cinematic shots, a haunting ambient score, and art film like aesthetics, Fishing Without Nets humanizes the condition of these individuals, who's only fight centers around them trying to survive.

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