Dec 10, 2013

The Black and White Art of Nico Delort

The style of Nico Delort's art holds a illustrative likeness found in many classic novels, visualizing a climactic scene in all the right ways. Using only black ink and a scratching nib, Delort's work becomes progressively more complicated as you begin to consider his overall process. Just bellow is an example of Nico Delort's illustrative process, it's truly quite mesmerizing and puts into perspective how much thought and effort goes into each of his work.

Each piece holds a sense of perfection in it's contrast, emitting a feeling of both light and darkness in near perfect harmony. As I mentioned before the classic novel feel is highly prominent, but luckily the lack of accompanying words is easily forgotten with each brilliant painting.  After the break is more of Nico Delort's work, take a peak yourself.

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