Dec 7, 2013

The Art Of Minosch

Minosch, also known as Nadia Enis is an up and coming German illustrator, and a self dubbed 'survival artist,' which is a pretty good description for anyone currently heading down the freelance artist path. Looking through her gallery we initially thought that we were looking at a collective due to the numerous styles we encountered from piece to piece, but it turned out that she simply wears many hats as a concept artist and illustrator.

While some artist choose to stick to their guns and employ a very strong personal style, there's another breed out there that choose to be stylistics chameleons of sorts..A mentality that really depends on how you want to cater yourself to potential clients. Nadia's worked on a slew of projects including Paizo's Pathfinder, Aion, PoxNora and many other clients in various fields ranging from comic books to teaching. Check out more of her work after the break!

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