Dec 18, 2013

The Art of Gino

Zhang Yuan, better known as 'GINO' in digital illustration circles, is a hard man to find and even harder to describe. What first caught my eye was his impeccable talent for composition, his points of focus succeed in capturing attention, without skimping out on the vital details that make his entire pieces feel like monuments to precision. Themes of his work vary between magic realism (such as my personal favorite above) to the mythic feudal showdowns typical of Wuxia; the Chinese sub-genre of supernatural martial arts folktale.

From what I can strain to make out through the clumsy browser translation of his website, Zhang is a professional concept artist focused on design-related entertainment, cartoons, illustrations and contemporary art. An alumni of the China Central Academy of Art and the Communication Arts program of New York University, 'GINO' is just further proof that a barrier of language should be no deterrent in the pursuit of great art.

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