Dec 12, 2013

The Art Of Chuvabak - A Concept Art Troll

Chuvabak (Oleg Vdovenko) is a self proclaimed 'Russian painting bear' who recently popped up on a variety of western art websites with a collection of truly bizarre, yet technically astounding paintings..Showing off a highly elevated level of talent in a supremely unorthodox fashion. From bizarre paintings of Mario made to look like a heavily worn out children's toy to images making fun of CGhub's at times questionable 'Gold Award' system (He actually got a gold award for it), you're left scratching your head because the execution is just that good.

Despite the subject matter Oleg shows off a masterful understanding of texture, light and depth in his pieces with no weird tricks or photobashing, just straight up painting. For someone with such a high level of skill to use his talents for creating such bizarre imagery borders on troll-like behavior, but on the other hand you never know what to expect next from Chuvabak. More of his intriguing work after the break.

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