Dec 8, 2013

The Art Of Bagger

Born in the Phillipines, raised in Japan and based out of San Francisco, Dennis 'Bagger' Brown experienced one heck of a colorful upbringing, which ultimately probably contributed to his diverse and colorful art style. Drawing some definite inspiration from street fashion culture, graffiti aesthetics and comic books, his work condenses all these sources into a fine mishmash.

Stylistically he's constantly in flux and experimental, switching it up with digital and analog painting in phases- As evidenced by a recent kick of simply painting skulls for a change followed by Dragon Ball Z fanart. That type of dabbling keeps you on your toes, and shows off a range that keeps the clients coming. His clients have included Juxtapoz, Ecko, Imagine FX, Spectrum, XXL magazine and many others. More of his work after the break!

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