Dec 21, 2013

Ra Deflin - "Tema"

You haven't heard of Ra Deflin, and we don't blame you. He's the textbook definition of fresh off the block- but the sound that he captured for this debut music video is absolutely amazing, mixing new wave instrumental compositions with soulful rap with a strong emphasis on narrative. The LA based artistt/songwriter and producer exudes experimental sensibilities that left us wanting more.

Accompanied by the silky smooth vocals of Jessica Johnson, the track seamlessly blends with the equally chill visual aspect of Tema, directed by Tim Hsiun and Ra Deflin himself. We've rarely had the opportunity to be the launching point for an artists career, but it's not hard to tell that Ra Deflin is going to be making a mark on the music world if his future releases are of this quality. Show him some love on his newly christened Facebook and Twitter pages.

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