Dec 20, 2013

Journey To The West - From The Creators Of Kung Fu Hustle

Stephen Chow's 2004 feature Kung Fu Hustle was one of those movies that successfully made the jump overseas, offering a nicely balanced mix of over the top action and comedy that was accessible to western audiences. Following a nine year hiatus from the action scene it seems like Chow is finally returning with yet another fun looking movie loosely based off the Ming Dynasty epic Journey to the West, focusing on the adventures of a Buddhist monk trying to protect his village from a variety of demons and even the Monkey King himself.

If he manages to capture that same style of action comedy that made Kung Fu Hustle memorable, this will definitely be a movie to keep an eye out for. The movie will be hitting select theaters on March 7th next year. Love that they went with a classical Drew Struzan themed poster style by Paul Shipper (He's the famous illustrator that did classical posters for movies like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and countless other movies).

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