Nov 19, 2013


Since its first publication in the early 80's The Obscure Cities, the co-creation of childhood friends and collaborators Franscoise Schuiten and Benoit Petters, has won praise and award equally for Schuiten's breathtaking architecture and Petter's labyrinthine stories.

Obscure Cities takes place on an alternate "counter-Earth", where isolated city-states of hyper-advanced technology vie for power not only between themselves but the otherworldly forces that underlie the surface of their reality. To celebrate securing the rights to re-publish the entire series into English, including some works that have never seen publication outside of France, Alaxis Press commissioned a beautifully animated short that's frankly been sitting around unappreciated for way too long.

The video reenacts scenes and locations from one of the series' most famous volumes, A Fever in Urbicand. If you love fantastically surreal stories set in beautifully intricate cityscapes, I can't recommend this series highly enough.

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