Nov 11, 2013

The Bear And The Hare

Animated by two Disney veterans Dominic Carola and Aaron Blaise in collaboration with British department store John Lewis, The Bear and the Hare is an ambitious £1 million (Damn) hand animated Christmas project directed by Yves Geleyn and Elliot Dear. If the bear animation looks somewhat familiar, no surprise there as Dominic and Aaron spent quite a bit of time studying them while working on Brother Bear.

The animators noted that they hadn't had a chance to work with each other, let alone on their traditional animation desks until now, seeing that the short wanted to preserve that classical hand animated look mixed with hand crafted backgrounds. What is it about animated animals that brings back such a strong pang of nostalgia in me? Hornet Inc. was nice enough to share the making of The Bear and the Hare, which you can check out right after the break.

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