Nov 2, 2013

Super Time Force - Die To Win

When we initially head the slogan of Super Time Force was You'll die a lot, we didn't even bat an eyelid..Yet when we learned about the true inner workings of the upcoming game by Capy studios we found ourselves quite intrigued. This charming hand drawn 101 video explains the true madness behind the sidescrolling shooter.

Super Time Force takes place on a 2D plane but employs 3D principles (Ie, Time) to create a gameplay experience unlike anything that's been seen before, a feature dubbed as 'Single player coop.' By rewinding time when you get yourself killed, you're also able to create copies of yourself with each life cycle to fight alongside yourself and resolve stick situations. The idea sounds pretty insane, but from a gameplay standpoint this will probably unlock quite a few interesting ways to play through any scenario. The game is being released sometime this year for Xbox Live, followed by other platforms.

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