Nov 24, 2013

Goldie Blox's "Princess Machine" Stunt - Good Message, Potential Backfire

Offering a very relevant message challenging the social norm of girls only being entitled to certain types of toys - Princesses, dolls and pink colored objects, Goldie Blox's Princess Machine promo hit home with many people that feel like it's time for a change. Using a remixed version of the Beastie Boy's Girls track and the same director who created the Rube Goldberg filled music video for Ok Go's This Too Shall Pass, this viral video had it all; With the exception of the Beastie Boys' permission for the cover.

The company is now being sued for unauthorized usage of their intellectual property, claiming that it's not exactly 'fair use' due to the fact that it's an actual advertisement rather than a parody skit. I'm all about the message offered here, but this startup seems to have made quite a gaffe by not clearing this ahead of time. So what is it, fair use or infringement?

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