Oct 23, 2013

The Art of Wouter Gort


Plumes of fire-tinged smoke pepper out of the aftermath of a demonstration gone brutally wrong, Automated factories manufacture warp-drive engines suspended by anti-grav harnesses, soldiers patrol the installation of a placement of lightning cannons before a routine firing exercise.

The appeal of Wouter Gort's artwork is prompts the viewer's imagination to construct a context to give life to the scenes that he creates. Whether it's a jacket-clad rebel just minutes away from a hopeless firefight, or a crazed group of vigilantes making a house-call on behalf of room service, Wouter's eye for detail and perspective draws the viewer into a captivating world of their mutual invention.

Wouter is not only a talented painter, but also a formidable draftsman, with moleskin sketchbooks bursting with detail-laden, beautifully intricate felt-tip drawings that shed light on the studious concentration that goes into each of his paintings. His mecha designs remind me of Aaron Beck in the best possible way, and I sincerely hope that he does more Hotline Miami fan-art. That monkey's snaggletoothed grin is priceless.

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