Oct 15, 2013

The Art Of Jiefeng Jiao

Jiefeng Jiao is a talented illustrator, concept artist, instructor and freelancer back in his stomping grounds of Shanghai, China. In between providing high quality illustrations for companies like Applibot, he also keeps himself heavily involved with institutions fostering young concept artists and illustrators in the region, including Creative Ark or the CGhub like HaoCG website. It's truly awesome when we get a chance to get a glimpse of various regions equivalents of Deviantart, like Japans PixIv, Korea's Naver community and China's Sina communities.

Jiefeng's art is very painterly, yet his approach to his characters is stylized in a very distinct way, nearly reminiscent of the type of proportions that games like Brink introduced to the art scene a few years back. A heavy foundation of traditional painting shows in his work, especially in regards to his color schemes and soft rendering style. Check out more of Jiefeng's work after the break, including his distinct interpretations of characters ranging from Hook to Guy Fawkes for Legend of the Cryptids!

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