Oct 12, 2013

The Art Of Black Black - Architectural Love


For today's art of, we're taking a look at the art of Black Black (Aka Kuronote), a Tokyo based illustrator and photographer whose art reflects all these interests. His interest lies in the intricate, layered architecture present in the dense urban landscapes of Tokyo, which he recreates in his serene, idyllic illustrations that typically feature a lone protagonist staring wistfully upwards at the sky.

The protagonists are secondary to his impressive attention to designing his environments, which are inspired by regular trips to photograph areas of interest in Tokyo. Despite the elevated level of detail put into the environments, his work as a whole is strangely relaxing to look at, and definitely coming from a happy place in the artist. For a chill dose of Black Black's interesting amalgam of architectural design and illustration, check out more of his art after the break.

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