Oct 21, 2013

Sony Offers Us A Gaming Blast To The Past In "For ThePlayers Since 1995"

Sony's affectionate ode to 18 years and counting of Playstation might be a blast of nostalgia for some and an educational journey for others, chronicling the evolution and growth of the system alongside a player over the years. While it's all a build up for the Playstation 4 in it's own right, it's nice to see Sony returning to their 'for the players' motto following an entire generation of confused emphasis and mistakes with the PS3.

Presented as a seemingly seamless shot, the video takes us from the Playstation one days up till the Playstation 4, while also doing fun things like evolving the aspect ratio of the video (Notice how it's square during the 1995 phase?), and the styles of the players to reflect the times. Kudos for great marketing, kind of makes me remember why I fell in love with the system to begin with.

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