Oct 18, 2013

Sleep Walk

I have no doubt that I'd get pretty introspective if I found myself observing the world finally coming to an end. Sleep Walk focuses on an elated doomsday enthusiast looking back at his sad past while a swirling vortex brings everything around him to an end. For being a short under 3 minutes, I was surprised by how much story and emotion the creators were able to imbue into their story despite the crazy premise. The destruction is secondary to the protagonist, who finally finds peace in an unlikely fashion. Set in the late 50's, the short offers some pleasant musical contrast despite it's somber themes.

This is the first animated short film created by Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani aka Hey Beautiful Jerk. Produced by Rob Meyers and Danon Hinty. Character Design by Ronald Wimberly.Art Direction by Kuni-I Chang. Animation and Post Production services by Click 3x. Music produced by Pleaserock.

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