Oct 18, 2013

Bet She'An

Mixing the fantastical with real life locations, Bet She'An introduces us to an eerily quiet city plagued by an unknown curse slowly turning all it's residents into crows. A lone sculptor seeks out signs of life on a daily basis, only to be reminded of this strange affliction stripping everyone he once knew of their humanity. As a final gesture, he sets out to create a monument to what this city once stood for- Life.

From a visual standpoint this Supinfocom short was especially impressive from an environmental standpoint, employing shaders that emulated a pencil 'hatched' look. The attention to lighting and staging as well successfully created a truly mysterious atmosphere around this once great city, towering high above the lands below it. Bet She'An was created by Calvet David, Charbonel Jeremy, Letoile Bastien, Raynaut Guillaume, Soler Julien and Wang Gongjin.

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