Sep 25, 2013

Retro Blast - Starcadian And Jacob 2-2

A strange rift has opened in the musical scene, bringing us the works of two artists distinctly stuck in a retrofuturistic state of mind. Starcadian, best known for his lovely H^ART track offers us a peek at his upcoming 'Sunset Blood' EP. The trailer presents the album as a tongue in cheek 30th year anniversary remaster of the long lost album, and is rife with homage to 80's scifi movies. Starcadian has landed people, follow his endeavors on Facebook, and dust off that VHS player in anticipation.

Jacob 2-2's promo for his upcoming 'Herbivore' album is a slightly more dissonant affair with a somewhat upbeat vibe to it, featuring plenty of scanline goodness, retro CG and a scenario akin to a high level concept of 'future education.' Trippy as all hell. The album is now available on King Deluxe records.

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