Sep 11, 2013

Pacific Rim Before & After - A Visual FX Reel

Released by a relatively new VFX studio called Mirada, one of the key studios that Guillermo Del Toro collaborated with to bring the Kaiju-ravaged world of Pacific Rim to life, this VFX reel offers a compelling look at all the work that went into creating the visuals. From environments, creatures, compositing, animation and more, this reel offers a bite sized taste of just how many thousands of hours of work went into the feature. Kickass.

Over the three years of Pacific Rim’s production, Mirada assembled a unique VFX pipeline to handle some of the most demanding effects to date in a large-scale blockbuster, creating visuals that would stand alongside ILM’s impressive work on the picture. Likewise, throughout the nearly three year process, Mirada vigorously and continuously refined its pipeline to meet the film’s needs – all while forging new ground to meet the challenge of future productions.

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