Sep 30, 2013

Million Dollar Extreme Returns With "Whypz"

What is it about the guys at Million Dollar Extreme that keeps me coming back? I think it has to do with their unique take on humor, which is farthest removed from the type of content you'll find featured on the front page of Youtube. For example, a quick search of featured humor videos today brings up '25 Ways to know you're gay,' another edition of 'Teens react to (Insert popular video),' and 'Common white girl tag (Man edition).' Keep in mind that all these titles are capitalized and screaming for attention at your unwilling eyes. Watching these videos to me is like browsing websites like Buzzfeed, which has intentionally taken so many steps to dumb down it's content in recent years to rack in more views that it's nothing short of baffling.

MDE embraces anti-humor as their modus operandi, and they do it well, turning the spotlight back onto detestable pop culture trends in an endless stream of irony. In their latest WHYPZ video, a surreal snapshot of car culture unfolds, with interviewees completely oblivious as to the real intentions of their incredibly sarcastic hosts (Sam Hyde and Nick Rochefort). Tricked out mini vans, a $100,000  2001 Honda Civics and a roided out guy who calls himself the 'best Hulk' next to his lime green Lamborghini set the stage for this surreal video.

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