Sep 2, 2013

Coin - A Retrolicious Videogame Rampage

Don't mess with Donovan Murdock's coins or else there will be hell to pay. That is the general jist for Coin, taking a page from the type of premise that made Double Dragon the hit franchise it was back in the day. Prepare youreself for 4 minutes of some absolutely epic, spectacular sidescrolling action with definite nods to games including Portal, Battle Toads, Street Fighter, Megaman and more. Loved it from start to finish, especially the teaser for the tag-team sequel towards the end, Coin2.

Donovan Murdock loves his Coin, when stolen from him, he will stop at nothing in this rock 'em sock 'em beat 'em up! Take a nostalgic journey with Donovan as he travels through yesterdays most memorable video games!

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