Aug 6, 2013

Worth Checking out - Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope

The indie scene has been on a metroidvania frenzy lately and I have absolutely zero issues with this. Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope is the next indie title to get the metroidvania treatment and it couldn't look any better. Set to the tune of an incredible sound soundtrack, beautiful character design, and the "tough but fair" game design seen in Dark Souls, this is definitely a metroidvania title to look out for.

In the same vein as Dark Souls, players will piece together the deep history of the world as they progress through the world rather than being spoon fed cutscene after cutscene. Judging from the game's environmental art, the game has quite the potential for fleshing out a deep and interesting world.

Developer Matt White is asking for a measly $15,000 dollars for this project, something that can easily be crushed especially for something with as much potential as this. Ghost Song is currently sitting at a comfortable $10,000 with 29 days remaining, implying that we should absolutely destroy this game's goal and get the most out of Mr.White as we can. To donate head over here.

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