Aug 21, 2013

The Surreal Works Of Ryohei Hase

Ryohei Hase is a freelance artist and illustrator based out of Tokyo, spending most of his time working on pieces for editorial purposes, games, movies and even dabbling in fashion photography. Originally employed at Namco Bandai, he set out on the path to creative freedom in 2008 successfully, building up a healthy list of clients. On his free time he creates pieces that reflect the darkness residing in the corners of everyones minds: Anxieties, fear, jealousy, hatred, sadness and other states using a mixture of digital painting, 3D and photo compositing.

If anything I think Hase would be well suited on taking a stab at a Silent Hill title if the franchise ever gets a chance to be developed in the US again, as his imagery beckons to the type of psychological horror that the series introduced us to back in the day. Check out more of his works after the break!

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