Aug 6, 2013

The Exotic Concept Art Of Nisachar

It's always a treat to find concept artists from completely different backgrounds during our ongoing journey to find fresh talent to feature, and Nisachar (Mukesh Singh) fits the bill with his truly cool comic book styled concepting talent. All artists tend to inevitably have their style and themes shaped from the lore they grew up with, and in the case of Singh's work he's tapped into the absolutely rich world of Hindu mythology, doing his own pseudo-scifi takes on deities from the Mahabharata and other epics that are part of the religions scripture.

Considering the thematic stagnation that rears it's ugly head in the Western film and gaming industry from time to time, Singh's work really makes you wonder why we don't try to tap into different lore in order to craft some truly exciting new worlds and properties. To any director, aspiring or other that might be reading this blog, why not take a chance? Check out more of Mukesh Singh's truly original concepts, depicting a world I'd truly love to see get a unique treatment of it's own.

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