Aug 3, 2013

The Beautiful Illustrations Of Chris Schloe

Christian Schloe is an incredibly talented Chilean illustrator who captivated us with his incredible, surreal visions of themes including love, loss and introspection. Over the course of his career, Schloe has shared very little personal information about himself, instead opting to duck behind a quote from The Last Unicorn writer Peter S. Beagle, 'anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty.'

This simple quote paints a picture of the artists potentially cup half full approach to life and art, although his heavily surreal pieces at times mix the beauty of life with themes of strong personal despair and longing. Schloe's aesthetic are also frozen in time, beckoning to a romantic, Victorian era of painting. Schloe just appeared earlier this year on Facebook, and sells prints of his work via his Redbubble and Society6 pages. Check out more of his beautiful illustrations after the break.

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