Aug 23, 2013

The Awesome Environments Of Zhichao Cai

Art director Zhichao Cai (aka Trylea) uses no tricks or photocomping in his amazing, ridiculously vertical compositions, featuring incredibly pushes perspectives, impossible architecture and a plethora of detail to scour for in his incredible digital painted illustrations. As an art director at the Hangzhou, China based Gamecox, his emphasis is on creating striking worlds via his knack for environment painting, which he's really damn good at.

Zhichao uses personal narratives to give thematic direction to his pieces, including crafting lore including projects like his personal set of paintings titled Legend Of Yunzhong, featuring five kingdoms based off of 5 elemental powers (All after the break). If you're in the mood to gawk at some impossible, fantastical landscapes, you'll get your fill with this incredible art. Enjoy.

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