Aug 22, 2013

The Art Of Tom Rainford

Tom Rainford (Aka Monkey Mafia) is a type of artist we don't run into too often, employing himself as both an illustrator and animator, with a wonderfully stylized aesthetic reminiscent of the retro-inspired preproduction that studios like Pixar and Dreamworks partake in on any project. While taking on new skills is sometimes a good idea, the typical scenario that plays out as it is referred to in the industry is known as the 'Jack of all trades, master of none.' Not the case with Tom. There's something refreshingly clean and bold about Tom's style, which emphasized bold shapes and colors over minutia that typically bogs down most artists. It's not always about rendering folks.

Tom's reel hasn't been updated in a bit, but once you check out his work after the break you'll get a chance to see how effectively his design decisions translate perfectly into creating some truly appealing animated entities. In between working for clients like Virgin, BBC and many others, Tom is currently at work on an exciting new short film that should debut sometime soon. We'll be sure to feature it when it does, because we definitely like what we see so far.

This piece was actually created by Tom's girlfriend, as a tribute to Ponyo

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