Aug 15, 2013

The Art Of Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer is currently one of the 'elite' digital illustrators and concept artists out there these days, having made her name thanks to a stint of working with the Berlin based Six More Vodka studio, headed up by Marko Djurdevic. To many people I talked to, she felt like a talent that popped up overnight, with a ridiculous portfolio filled with some truly amazing pieces, the result of some truly hard work on her part brushing her skills up in previous years.

Her style leans heavily towards the illustratorial and painterly versus the conceptual, with pieces typically employing a more 'mood piece' oriented affair rather than highly rendered, detailed concepts. If anything I'd call her a perfect archetype of a modern digital artist in their prime. Since working at Six More Vodka (Which she's since left), she's been keeping herself busy with plenty of freelance and a healthy dose of traveling. Check out more of her awesome work after the break!

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