Aug 27, 2013

Sourcing Music From Unlikely Places - Stock Market Crash Music, Project Bootleg

Some interesting content regarding some rather experimental forms of creating music today. On one hand we have Geraldine Juarez, who converted market crash charts into waveforms to create a custom vinyl called Wealth Transfer, as a means of turning something negative into a more palatable, positive creation.

Capital rely on algorithms to manipulate markets, their effects are everywhere yet is hard to see them immediately, given the scale of time and fabricated complexity in which accumulation and exchange is performed at high frequency scale. The patterns produced by their activity are testimony of the behavior of financial markets, and unlike them, these patterns aren't sacred or untouchable. They can be used to generate other forms of wealth, like music.

Project Bootleg, on the other hand was an experimental performance piece by Manuel Urbanke, created by placing empty vinyls on a dance floor and letting people dance on it to create abstract noise to be converted into actual tracks via scratching. If you're in the mood for highly experimental goodness, head over to Ma-Ma to check the final result out

We produced empty vinyls. No music. No Sound. Before concerts we put them on the floor and people danced on them. After the live shows the records were scratched. These scratches made sound on the record player.  We mixed this noise in the studio and created new tracks out of it.

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