Aug 2, 2013

Savant: Ascent Is An Insane Deal For An Awesome Platformer/SHMUP

How much entertainment can you get with $2? Quite a bit with the platforming SHMUP Savant: Ascent a game based off of EDM artist SAVANT. The game is absolutely brutal in terms of the amount of enemies it throws at you, although I wouldn't say it's quite as painful as other titles on the market. Rather than flying, the game has you jumping back and forth as you dodge enemy fire while trying to destroy them yourself as it raises you to the top. It's an interesting twist for a genre that's been around as long as it has and it's quite refreshing. For $2 you can pick up the game over here, it's a steal for that price and you can expect many hours to be sealed away with this game.

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