Aug 2, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Fka Twigs, Oneohtrix Point Never, Vial Of Sound

Directed by Jesse Kanda, Water Me is an intimate, first look into the deeply personal world of British artist FKA Twig's deeply personal, surreal brand of music. This glitched out track about relationships was created in collaboration with IDM producer Arca, best known for his collab work with Kanye West. Kanda did an amazing job synchronizing the visuals to the dissonant aural aspects of the track, using post effects to transform FKA's face into a canvas of her deep sadness. FKA Twigs' 'EP2' is premiering October 9 on the Young Turks Label.

Aside from having one of the most interesting artist names I've ever encountered, electro artist Oneohtrix Point Never's (Daniel Lopatin) Problem Areas track is the closest he's ever come to outputting a track with a somewhat traditional structure. Along with some strangely unsettling, distorted retro inspired visuals provided by the avant-garde Takeshi Murata, it's a strangely mesmerizing experience when it's all put together. The track is from his upcoming LP 'R Plus Seven,' which is coming out on October 1st.

Trevvor Riley directed this music video for The Day We Both Died, the latest from the analog-core electro band that only use vintage synths to craft their distinct sound. The video narrates a series of glitched out distortions invading the reality of a young girl, who attempts to escape, but ultimately accepts this new reality that she's been thrust into.

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